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Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Individual Therapy for Adolescents and Adults

Couple Therapy

Family Therapy

I came from Taiwan, a place filled with warmth, friendliness, openness, kindness, rich and diverse culture, and respect for everything and everyone. After graduating from National Taiwan University with a B.A. in Anthropology, I traveled to the U.S., obtained an M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University, and worked as an engineer for 5 years. The journey of my soul-searching cut my engineer career short and brought me to the decision of pursuing an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology at John F Kennedy University. I have never felt so certain about becoming a licensed psychotherapist through which I can fulfill my life-long aspiration.


My calling, in a nutshell, is to help people find happiness, whether by developing new insights into their troubling predicaments, increasing mutual understanding amongst family members through effective communication, empowering human diversity by self-acceptance and others-acceptance, finding existential meanings, or acknowledging people's potentials to create a satisfying outcome for their life, etc. 


16 years of training and practices in the Buddhist mindfulness meditation,  I was naturally drawn to Depth Psychology and the Psychodynamic approach in uncovering how our unconscious neurosis affects our thinking/feelings and shapes our behaviors on a day-to-day basis. This inclination has led me to further explore in the field of Neuropsychology based on my inherent Buddhist belief in the fluidity as well as the plasticity of the nature of our being in the form of the body, mind, and spirit. We are the creator of our own future. I am only sharing your journey to help you see other possibilities. 

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